Is it possible to pay less for the same power?

Many of us are conditioned to believe that saving energy is the only way to save money – Not true! While using less energy may have an impact, the resultant savings can be difficult to measure and quantify. Furthermore, electricity bills include fixed costs, meaning any successful energy saving initiatives will have a disproportional impact on overall cost.

Accountable Utilities has successfully demonstrated that monetary savings can be realised regardless of energy saving initiatives. Since inception in 2012, Accountable Utilities has saved its clients in excess of R20million by matching unique electricity usage profiles to more complimentary tariff structures. Since all tariff choices are based on the same source data, one can tangibly measure and quantify actual net savings results, thereby proving you’re buying the same power for less money.

Some Accountable Utilities’ results amongst SSA and FSA sawmilling members are listed below. The realised savings percentages are net annual savings on their overall electricity spend, achieved without any energy saving measures or additional equipment:

  • Bayfibre: 24.9%
  • Natal Forest Products: 18.8%
  • Normandien Farms: 31.7%
  • Sawem Timbers: 47.9%
  • Sapla Timbers: 34%
  • Tekwani Sawmills: 20.1%
  • Treated Timber Products: 25.9%

As budgets are based on historical spend, these net annual savings are realised through unallocated budget. Accountable Utilities promote that savings be “ring fenced” and allocated on other energy saving initiatives that complement the newly identified tariff. This practice compounds saving potential, essentially financed through funds that would otherwise have been paid to electricity service providers.

Accountable Utilities back its reputation through a performance based model – clients will either save money or gain peace of mind – earning only a percentage of measurable and quantifiable saving going forward, making for a truly win-win business model. This service includes the initiation, negotiation and follow through with the respective service providers to action the necessary changes. Future monthly bills are simulated with relative source data to reconcile and tangibly quantify actual realised savings.

All calculations are transparently detailed in an easy to read format. Accountable Utilities has been successful in many other industries including agricultural (especially irrigation), hospitality, manufacturing, retail and education.

It certainly is a worthwhile exercise to have your electricity account checked out periodically as tariff rules do change over time. It is also advisable to quantify the financial impact on your tariff before any costly electricity related equipment is purchased. For example, when considering power factor correction, solar or even steam turbines, ensure the tariff will complement the new profile to maximise the financial benefit.

Accountable Utilities can be contacted via their web page or on Facebook. Alternatively, email a recent copy of your electricity bill to to determine whether the supply has potential or not.

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